The Tourist - Clair Noto

18" by 24"
Hand SIgned & Numbered
Giclee' Print on Enhanced matte

Limited Edition of 150

Each print comes with a movie ticket which will have the number of the edition.

Most descriptions of The Tourist start with comparisons to the films that the unmade film went on to inspire. Movies as varied as Blade Runner, Species, Under the Skin, and Men in Black.

Clair Noto’s The Tourist was at one time the most popular script in town with studios fighting over the chance to produce what many people have called the greatest unmade sci-fi script of all time.

Modern Manhattan is the front for a secret alien world- a hub for displaced alien refugees and outcasts. Grace Ripley is a corporate executive who is also an alien in disguise. She explores the sexually charged noirish alien underground trying to get off planet. The centerpiece of the film is an alien club called the Corridor which along with the various aliens inside was designed by the artist H.R. Giger. Giger was of course famous for his amazing xenomorph design in Alien, the year prior.

The script was passed from studio to studio and productions were plagued by personal animosities, fist fights, and squabbles. Eventually the film landed at Francis Ford Coppola’s American Zoetrope studio where the film languished under the studios implosion. At that time director Francis Roddam was slated to helm the film.

In the ensuing years most of the exciting and fresh ideas that the script presented had been poached by various sci fi scripts and what was once novel turned into established tropes that now feel very familiar to audiences. Still in terms of mood and tone, and from a visual standpoint The Tourist remains an unmade film that had the potential to revolutionize cinema.