Superman Lives - Tim Burton

Available as 18" by 24"
Limited Edition of 150

And 24” x 36”
Limited Edition of 10

Hand SIgned & Numbered
Giclee' Print on Enhanced matte

Each print comes with a movie ticket which will have the number of the edition.


Perhaps one of the most infamous unmade films of all time, Superman Lives (previously titled Superman Reborn) would have seen Nicolas Cage don the cape with Tim Burton at the helm. Produced by Jon Peters and written by Kevin Smith the film would have been populated with gigantic spiders, skull spaceships, polar bear fights and either Christopher Walken or Tim Allen as a spider legged brainiac. Much has been made of the behind the scenes awkward early test photos of Nicolas Cage in costume. A photo of which was used strategically by Bryan Singer to stave off any studio interference on his Superman production years later.

The film would have surely been a spectacle. Early concept art can be found online and it’s a unique otherworldly take on Superman that shows little consideration for the source material. In fact some of the directives Kevin Smith allegedly received when he signed on included no flying, no super suit and “he’s gotta fight a giant spider in the third act”. The last direction would eventually come to fruition with Jon Peter’s subsequent project Wild Wild West.

A version of the Superman Lives script can be found online as well as Kevin Smith’s entertaining take on his time with the project. There was even a documentary called “The Death of Superman Lives” that explores the doomed production.

A decidedly alien take on Superman, Superman Lives remains one of the oddest and intriguing unmade films. In a world dominated by superhero movies it is a fascinating mix of misplaced enthusiasm and unrestrained creative energy run amok but there is no doubt the the finished result would have been amazing. Whether it would have been amazingly good or amazingly bad is anyone’s guess but it’s effect on the modern superhero film would have been significant either way.