Mythic Beasts Travel Posters

A new series inspired by classic travel posters and the mythical beasts
that may or may not call these destinations home.
All prints are signed and numbered. 
Limited Edition of 100 each. 
18" x 24" Giclee on enhanced matte archival paper.

You can get the set of 6 prints for $120 or individually for $35 each below


Travel Posters: Series 2 Set Of 6 $120
The Death Worms of Mongolia $35
The Giants of Vornezh $35
The Bloop $35
The Wild Ningen of Japan $35
The Wild Ningen of Japan $35
The Winged Devil of New Jersey $35


Travel Posters: Series 1 Set Of 6 $120
Bigfoot Country $35
Fairy Gardens of Derbyshire $35
Alligators of Manhattan $35
Frogman of Loveland $35
Loch Ness $35
Chupacabras of Puerto Rico $35

Travel Posters Set of 12 $180