Mario WW2 Propaganda 


Very excited to debut 7 new additions to the Mario Propaganda series. Support the war effort by purchasing these WW2 inspired hommages to the red menace! The original 10 Propaganda posters were featured on the front page of, Kotaku and served as the inspiration behind the award winning short First Person Goomba by Felipe Costa. You can pick up the new series of 7 by following the link below or purchase an individual print by choosing a size and following the corresponding link under each picture. Each giclee print is individually signed & numbered and limited to a series of 150. If you purchased the original series and plan to pick up any or all of the additional 7 prints we will make an effort to get you the same series number just be sure to make a note when you check out with paypal.

Also for the first time ever the entire series of 17 Mario Propaganda prints are available at both sizes 11"by17" or 18" by 24"  Purchase link at the bottom of the page.


Mario Set of 7 New
It Can Happen Here
Knock Him Down
Let 'Em Have It
Learn Magic
Keep The Princess Moving

The original Mario Propaganda series is also available, and for the first time you can purchase individual prints at 18" by 24". Same deal as above just choose a size under the corresponding picture and follow the paypal link to purchase. 


Mario Original Set of 10
Power up
Loose Lips
Mario Set of 17