November 4 2015

After months of doing commissioned work I can't tell you how excited we are to be debuting over 20 new designs!  Including 5 brand new series. Starting with a series of presidential portraits paying tribute to the commander-in-chiefs who saw our country through our darkest hours. Including alien invasions, mass extinction, and reversing a massive famine caused by watering our crops with a sports drink. Click below for purchase info. 

Hail To The Chief


Mother's Milk

Speaking of great leaders seeing their people through tough times we're paying tribute to the misunderstood post apocalyptic entrepreneur/ breast milk tycoon Immortan Joe. While others made fortunes in the wasteland selling bullets and weapons Joe was content to make  a living as a lowly milk man. Providing a nutritious and radioactive free alternative in the hopes of jump starting society. Click below for more info.


Long Shots 

This is a series highlighting some of the greatest long shots in cinema history. Including the Copacabana scene from Goodfellas, the long tracking shots from the shining and the explosive opening from Touch of Evil. Click below for more info.


Beyond the 4th Wall

A pop-art series showcasing the behind the scenes efforts of movie makers. Also my first foray into Jar Jar Binks fan-art. Click for more info.



In the spirit of conservation we've repurposed great posters from the past for new titles. Click below for more info.


Miscellaneous New Prints

New prints including a dark take on Mrs. Doubtfire. A millennium falcon pun gone too far. Classic movie monsters gone bad and a reworking of our CMJ poster from 2012 "The Martian".