Heart of Darkness - Orson Welles

18" by 24"
Hand SIgned & Numbered
Giclee' Print on Enhanced matte

Limited Edition of 150

Each print comes with a movie ticket which will have the number of the edition.

As head of the Mercury Theatre on the Air Orson Welles had put on a successful radio production of Heart of Darkness. He would follow up with a much more successful adaptation of War of the Worlds which kicked open Hollywoods doors to the young director. For his first film Welles wanted to adapt his radio production of Joseph Conrad’s novel for the big screen. His plan was to film the movie in first person perspective with the camera as the protagonist. The film would run into issues of a global scale when the European markets were lost with the breakout of World War II.

Eventually Welles regrouped and made his debut film Citizen Kane. Citizen Kane went on to immense acclaim and sits at the top of most peoples list of the best films of all time. It’s still interesting to think what the enthusiastic, unjaded and creatively intrepid young Welles would have done with the source material. Particularly with the material’s anti-fascist elements during war time.

Conrad’s novel would go on to be adapted decades later by Francis Ford Coppola who changed the setting from Africa to Vietnam in Apocalypse Now.