I am incredibly happy to say that after months of appointments, treatments, and surgeries my mother is cancer free.  It's definitely been a rough few months and I want to thank all the people that got us through this thing and the people that follow the site for bearing with us as our releases and updates became more infrequent. A huge public thank you goes to the doctors and nurses at UCSD Hospital in San Diego and the incredible people at the American Cancer Society.  This organization is incredible, the resources they offered my family, the time they devoted to us and the care they showed us has been amazing and I'll forever be in their debt.

As some of you know every year around this time we have our annual Button Sale. For one week a year we like to offer everyone a chance to pick up any prints from old gallery shows or any of our limited editions at a great price. This year I wanted to do something different that I hope to continue every year from now on: half of all the proceeds from our sale this week will be donated to the American Cancer Society. I can't stress enough what a great organization this is, if the sale doesn't interest you please consider giving to them directly at this link. 

WIth that said, the deal is the same  5 prints for $10 a piece. That's the way we did it when we started out. This year since we added our larger Giclee prints we wanted to include them as well so the deal is simple:

Any 5 of our 11" by 17" prints for $50
Any 2 of our 11" by 17" prints for $35
Any 5 of our 18" by 24" for $100
Any 2 of our 18" by 24" for $50

The way this works is you pick out the prints you want, click the corresponding button above and write them in the notes section when you checkout. You'll receive a confirmation email and we'll get them out to you ASAP.  Thanks again to everyone who's supported us through this time. I'm back at work, a few more shows and special projects coming up to close out the year. More on that later. 

tl: dr:  Mom is Cancer free, prints on sale for a good price / good cause.